Scarcity – It’s everywhere!

It’s not something we generally think about but it’s there…much more often than you think. For a moment reflect back on your day, your week, month, etc. Think about how many times you slipped into scarcity mode? We slip into scarcity mode when we say things like: I don’t know I just worry that… I fear that… I’m afraid that… Maybe…but I don’t think…. Those are just some of the things we say/think and they’re the start of scarcity. Even the most optimistic people aren’t immune from it. It’s so slippery and quick and subtle that it’s hard to even notice it’s there. But when it’s there you don’t feel great. Maybe anxiety creeps in, maybe worry. Scarcity stems from fear Scarcity will always stem from fear. Maybe if it’s ourselves we’re in scarcity mode about – we’re afraid we’re not measuring up somehow, that maybe we’re not “good enough” in some way perhaps? With our family or spouse – maybe we’re annoyed by the things they do or don’t do. Or out of fear that they’re not seeing, appreciating, or loving us the way we’d like to be loved? With our work – maybe we’re afraid we’re not doing the best we could. With our friends or people in general – maybe we’re worried they’ll think badly of us or not like us in someway. The root of all of these is some form of scarcity. We fear that we’re not enough. We fear that our family doesn’t appreciate us enough, love us enough, respect us enough, or even just believe in us enough. Dig deep enough to any off feeling (anger, frustration, irritation, etc) and you’ll be able to find the scarcity. It’s love’s nemesis. Perhaps the opposite of love. It’s difficult – or shall I say impossible … Continue reading Scarcity – It’s everywhere!