1 Thing to Say That Will Keep You STUCK

There is one thing that most everyone says consistently that blocks us off from inspiration and keeps us stuck: I DON’T KNOW. Think about how often you say this phrase. A lot, right? I used to and I didn’t understand WHY I frustrated because I also wasn’t able to find solutions easily. The thing is, by saying, “I don’t know” we STOP and BLOCK that flow and line of questioning in our minds. Our brain is very efficient at each task we give it. This is why questions are so effective at helping us access inspiration and figuring out solutions to our challenges. When we give ourselves a question, whether deliberately or even indirectly we leave that channel open, like a tab on our computer that we didn’t close. That tab is still running. The program is still loading. In short, it’s still working for us. By so doing, we eventually come up with a solution that just might work. The Wall On the flip side, when we say, “I don’t know” – that puts up a wall. It’s a finite saying. It says, “I don’t know – I’m done thinking about this. Time to move on.” And so our brains do! We stopped that task. We closed that tab and there’s no point in our brain wasting anymore of our precious energy on it. But the problem is, sometimes WE AREN’T DONE thinking about it. We REALLY DO want to know the answer and figure out a solution! Never accept, “I don’t know” As ALL of my clients will tell you, I NEVER accept an “I don’t know” answer. EVER. I want to try and offer them a way to break this long practiced habit so they can access the inner wisdom and seek that personal revelation that will … Continue reading 1 Thing to Say That Will Keep You STUCK