What to do when someone is MEAN to you – Four steps to feeling BETTER

It seems pretty much inevitable, at some point in our lives we are going to come face to face with someone that is just MEAN. It doesn’t feel good and catches us so off guard that it usually leaves us feeling terrible and flat out confused. What do you do when someone is just mean? I don’t know all the words to the Taylor Swift song, just the chorus actually…okay, really just the tag line in the chorus, “Why you gotta be so mean???” – do you know the song? That’s kind of how we feel. Like, What the heck?! Why? What did I ever do to you??? and then we spend a lot of time thinking, backtracking, and replaying every single interaction that we can think of to find a reason WHY! MEAN PEOPLE ARE SCARED PEOPLE Let me tell you a little about “mean people”. Mean people and Angry people are just SCARED people. Anger is a secondary emotion meaning there is a cause for the anger in the first place and anger ALWAYS stems from SCARCITY and FEAR. Mean people are afraid of something – no, I’m not talking about spiders. I mean they’re afraid of losing status, control, their image, power, being right, etc. Mean people are INSECURE. They must PROVE to the world and themselves that they are right because being wrong would be a terrible blow to them. So instead they go about doing and saying things to prove their image, status, standpoint, etc not really caring how they’re going about it. If you find yourself in their warpath or even the target, there are things you can do and think that will help you through this. Four steps to feeling better: The first is to KNOW that IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. What … Continue reading What to do when someone is MEAN to you – Four steps to feeling BETTER