Three things to help you overcome the ONE person standing in your way.

There’s going to be times in your life that you’ll feel the “spark” of inspiration or tug that pulls you to do something more and you’ll want to dig deeper and follow it but then inevitably there’s ONE person standing in your way…YOU. You are pretty compelling too and have stopped yourself on a number of occasions already so what’s going to stop you now? I have THREE tips to help you overcome YOU and prepare you for that one on one battle against yourself. STOP STARING AND START There was a blog that I used to love and look at frequently. It was called, STOP STARTING and START SEWING! I came across this blog by accident (this was in the pre-pinterest days) and the name was so catchy I had to check it out. This lady is incredible with her seamstress skills and adorable projects. I’d go to her site all the time and before I knew it I’d spent an hour or so looking at her site and all the while as I’m looking at HER work and wishing and wanting to create something of my own I was still just sitting there…staring. I’d repeat the name over and over, like a mantra, telling myself – willing myself to get up and get productive but there were so many compelling reasons not to, like: it’s comfy where I’m at, I’m getting all kinds of good ideas for later…, I’ve already been productive…a lot today!, once I get all that stuff out it’s going to be time to get dinner going and yeah, I don’t even know what I want to make yet, etc. But it’s comfy here So inevitably more often than not I’d do the exact opposite of her blog name and I’d just stare at her … Continue reading Three things to help you overcome the ONE person standing in your way.