What is LIFE COACHING? and why you NEED

What is LIFE COACHING anyway??? This is a question I get A LOT. In fact, if you had asked me that three years ago I couldn’t have told you either. But once I learned and experienced Life Coaching my world was NEVER the same again…and your’s won’t be either. 2015 I remember exactly where I was when I was first introduced to this whole Life Coaching thing. My daughter was taking ballet in Sacramento and I had hours to kill while waiting for to be done. A good friend of mine had been trying to get me to listen to podcasts for a while and I was thinking, “what the heck is podcast?!” But she urged me on, “No, no. You’ll love it. I listen to them ALL.THE.TIME. Download the app and try it out.” So, having hours to myself I downloaded the app and started looking for something that I might be interested in. I typed in Motherhood, homeschooling, LDS, Self-help, etc. Topics that I loved and things I would find interesting. First thing that popped up was Jody Moore’s podcast, Bold New Mom. I clicked on her first episode where she introduces herself as a Life Coach…What. Is. That?????? I tell you what, I was skeptical. The name sounded crazy to me. But after 5 minutes of listening to her I was reeled in and hooked FOREVER. So, let me tell YOU what on earth a LIFE COACH is and WHY YOU NEED ONE!!!!!!!! Works With Everyday People on Everyday Problems In a nutshell, A Life Coach works with “healthy minded” individuals – (by healthy I mean, doesn’t need medical attention or have a medically diagnosed mental disorder). They “coach” people through everyday issues and help them sift through long held limiting beliefs or other stumbling blocks keeping … Continue reading What is LIFE COACHING? and why you NEED