Am I a Good Mom? Part Three of learning how to drop the Mama Guilt

Okay, this is the LAST post in a series of THREE that will help you feel GOOD about what you’re doing as a Mom and learn how and WHY to drop the Mom guilt. Believe me, it’s not serving YOU or YOUR family! So, we talked about LOVING them, TEACHING them, and now it’s PROVIDING for their basic needs. This is one area that we tend to get a bit muddled with and a lot of guilt lurks about when we’re not clear about this one. Let’s get real about what we need to provide our children with – basic needs – for them to thrive and for you to feel comfortable and confident as a GOOD MOM. Ready? Basic human needs: Physically: Food, Shelter, Clothing, professional attention when needed (going to the doctor, the dentist, etc). Emotionally: Go back and see principle ONE – Love, Love, Love them – everything else (education, comfort, connection, appreciation naturally falls under principle ONE – LOVE THEM). There’s a zillion other things we DO offer our children because we want them to have amazing lives and we want to set them up for success but when it boils down to it…this is really all they need to survive and thrive and the bare minimum you need to do to be able to feel confident that you’re doing okay. Like I said, all of us do more (which is AWESOME) but if you can remember that even though they’re pouting because they didn’t get something they wanted, or they’re sad and upset because things didn’t go the way they had expected it would…you are still a good Mom. Do your mental checklist and say to yourself, “nope…I’m doing above and beyond. I’m an amazing Mom!” That’ll give you strength to hold tight and not fall … Continue reading Am I a Good Mom? Part Three of learning how to drop the Mama Guilt