Am I a Good Mom? Part TWO of learning how to drop the Mama Guilt

For whatever reason we Mom’s think it’s somehow our job to make our kids happy. Why do we think this? Of course we WANT them to be happy and have a fabulous childhood/life but wow, that’s a lot of responsibility and frankly, impossible. So on our PART TWO post I want to focus on this: It’s not your job to make them happy. Reflect back on times when your child was a baby and crying. What did you do? – What we ALL do, right? We picked them up, loved them, cuddled them, shushed them softly telling them that everything is okay. So from the get go we get into the habit of soothing our children and we internally take this role upon us for all time that it’s our JOB to make them happy. But it’s NOT our job. We’re NOT supposed to. What we are supposed to do is LOVE them, TEACH them, and PROVIDE for their needs – which, when they were babies is what they needed – they needed comforting arms, they needed soothing shushes. Babies are equipped with the capabilities YET to sooth themselves. So your role and job as a good Mama is to TEACH them. You teach them that everything is okay. You teach them that you’re there and that you love them. You teach them that when they’re afraid and hurt they can know that you are a source of love, support, and comfort. Fast forward several years and we’re still doing similar things. When our child doesn’t get the role he wanted in the school play and is sad. We feel sad and tend to mirror his emotions then we feel like we need to do something to MAKE him better…and what’s worse is when no matter what we do, he’s … Continue reading Am I a Good Mom? Part TWO of learning how to drop the Mama Guilt