Are You A Good Mom – part ONE – Learning to DROP the Mama Guilt

Am I a good mom???  Let’s learn how to DROP the Mama Guilt! This topic comes up A LOT with my clients. I was there once too. We love our children and want what’s best for them but at what point do we drop the mama guilt and take the circumstance at face value? We see these little people as a reflection of ourselves and try so hard to make them responsible, caring, clean, honest, respective kids but that’s the problem right there…we try so hard to MAKE them. I read an article recently that said it’s not enough in this day and age to want success for our children but that we feel like we have to MAKE them successful. We drive them to music lessons and make them practice. We take them to school and make them do their homework. We enroll them in extracurricular activities and make them become well rounded…because if they failed it’d be a reflection of US as their parent. It’s time to question our motives around our kids. WHY are we doing that? What would we make it mean if they quit music lessons? What would we make it mean if they failed a class or didn’t turn in a homework assignment? – obviously, I’m not saying we don’t TEACH them and let them know what consequences will happen (or might happen) if they don’t adhere to our guidance BUT WE CAN’T MAKE THEM BE SUCCESSFUL – THEY have to choose that themselves. It’s not our job to make them successful. Our job is to teach, encourage, and help them learn through LOVE. A friend of mine shared this experience with me – her young son (5 years old maybe) was rather rambunctious at church. He didn’t want to sit in his chair … Continue reading Are You A Good Mom – part ONE – Learning to DROP the Mama Guilt