Disappointment – part TWO – CASE STUDY – Warning…not pretty at parts!

Yesterday I wrote an article about disappointment and what we can do when we feel it rising up inside us. Sometimes we need a little more than one post to grasp the concept and since this is a topic that comes up OFTEN for most people – it needs a little more diving into. DETAILS PEOPLE! I recently was able to sit in on a conference call with Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes – authors of the hilarious book, “Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons: Finding the Lord’s Lessons in Everyday Life”. Tamu was saying that what is helpful for her is knowing the DETAILS. She said that people get up in church and give these vague responses to deep questions and she’s left feeling confused. Like, “How can you feel the love during family home evening?” and the responses are, “When we read our scriptures.” – she’s like, what? My family nights aren’t like that – when we’re together we’ve got kids running about and it’s chaotic – tell me exactly how you do those evenings. What does that look like EXACTLY. That’s how I learn. I listen and want to know details then I can adapt it to my family but I need to know those details. The general answers don’t work for me.” (paraphrasing from this call). So today…because disappointment is a BIGGIE in EVERYONE’S life I’m gonna give you details. I’m going to walk you through a disappointment for me and step by step tell you my wins and small successes with it and major loses (more loses than wins). So you can see how these steps can work for you and how you can adapt them in your life. Ready??? NON-FULFILLMENT OF ONE’S EXPECTATIONS Remember, the definition for disappointment is: “the feeling of sadness or … Continue reading Disappointment – part TWO – CASE STUDY – Warning…not pretty at parts!