Disappointment – 5 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Now

Disappointment Stinks Because we’re human we’re inevitably going to experience disappointment…a lot. Sometimes the disappointment is just an annoying feeling and other times it’s all consuming and just so, so, so bitter. What can you do to relieve some of this weight? How can you feel better NOW? Let me help you out…I want to offer 5 things to try on when you’re feeling disappointed. Before we dive into all that I think it’s important that we’re all on the same page when it comes to talking about disappointment. What does disappointment look like to you? What does that term mean in your life? Most people would say it means something like this: The someone did something negative that made them feel sad or disappointed, right? If Jordan said she was going to meet me at 12:00 for lunch and she doesn’t show up because she forgot, I’m going to feel disappointed. Then I’m probably going to tell myself something like this: SHE said she’d be here! How could she?! We agreed on this time. I’m here waiting and SHE forgot and left me hanging. I’m disappointed because of HER actions. After all, I’m here. I’m waiting. I showed up when and where we agreed. I didn’t do anything wrong. SHE is the one that needs to change….right??? What is disappointment anyway? Here’s what good ol’ Google has to say about it: Disappointment- the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. I love this definition because it clearly states where the issue lies…with ourselves…which is GREAT news – I know, it doesn’t sound like good news- I mean, you didn’t do anything wrong – THEY did. THEY need to change…You shouldn’t have to! But the problem with this thinking is that if that were … Continue reading Disappointment – 5 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Now