Your House is on FIRE – What Would You Be Willing To Leave Behind?

If you had five minutes to leave your home forever, what would you take? What would you choose to leave behind?  Think about it for a minute. Why do you keep what you keep? If you could let it go in a moments notice, do you still want it now? You might and that’s okay. I know I have many things I love but could leave that I still want them now. It’s just good to take a mental inventory once in a while to really know why you’re keeping what you’re keeping. Yesterday morning I went downstairs and was standing in my bedroom smelling something burning. It was more like a plastic melting smell and not something on fire. So my husband and I scoured the place. We searched every outlet, unplugged every cord, checked each light, everything. Still we couldn’t place the smell. After about ten minutes of hunting and not finding the answer I stood in the middle of my room looking around and thinking, “what if there’s something burning in the walls and we’re going to have a fire soon? Am I ready? How long would I have until I needed to bolt out of there? What would I take? What am I willing to leave behind?” We have our emergency backpacks packed and in the garage but it was a good time to mentally take inventory of what’s in those too, pretty sure it’s been a looooong time since those were updated. So as I stood there I just realized that while I would be very sad if our beautiful home and all our style and decor were destroyed. I could leave them because those things are not what bring me my joy. Those things are just that, things. Natural Disasters and Calamities Happen A … Continue reading Your House is on FIRE – What Would You Be Willing To Leave Behind?