What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like You – 6 things to do to find peace and comfort

What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like you –                     Try these six things for relief! It doesn’t feel good when someone doesn’t like you. It’s uncomfortable. You try and replay what might have happened for them to not like you. You run all kinds of different scenarios in your head and sometimes you can find a reason and sometimes you just can’t. So what can you do to find relief, comfort, and peace in those situations? What can you do when someone doesn’t like you? I thought this was appropriate today being Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day. He is one of my heroes. I’m in awe of his grace and example of love and tolerance even amidst great opposition, there were a lot of people that didn’t like him, and out right hated him. Most of us will not experience that level of dislike or hate in our lifetimes and to that I’m grateful but it still doesn’t feel good so I’m going to offer you some things to do when you find yourself facing one of those challenges. It’s Not About You First, you have to know that what the other person does is about THEM and NOT ABOUT YOU. What they choose to do, say, or how they act is a reflection on THEM. It’s easy to forget that because they’re turning their negativity towards you and it sure feels like it’s about you but you need to remember and tack this to your brain somehow – IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. (Link HERE) We each see the world through our own filters and lenses or our experiences. I respond to the world through my thoughts and the things that I’ve gone through and learned from. Think … Continue reading What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like You – 6 things to do to find peace and comfort