The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow – But why wait until tomorrow when you can have it today? 

Create your own Sunshine Who doesn’t love that cute red head, little orphan Annie and her infamous song, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”? I’m sure we can all sing it, “It’s only a DAY AWAY”. Which is great and hopeful but sometimes tomorrow seems so far away. Why wait to feel the warming rays of that sunshine in your life when you are able to feel it today? You are incredibly powerful and can create that sunshine and those warm feelings right now if you wanted. We don’t have to wait, ever, if we don’t want to. We’re not victims to our circumstances and then made to feel a certain way. We experience life through the THOUGHTS we give to those circumstances* (Read more about that here). If you don’t want to wait until tomorrow or until the circumstance is fixed to feel a certain way, you don’t have to! You create how you feel by the thoughts you choose to hang on to and believe. I hear this so frequently that someone says or does something we don’t like and then we think it’s because of it that makes us feel a certain way. Meet Sally Let me illustrate this for you: Sally is having a great day. She wakes up happy and just feels good. She decides she’s going to run out and grab somethings from the store so she can try this new recipe. She gets in her car and realizes she’s out of gas. So she goes to the gas station but the pump she’s at is out of order. So she goes around to another one. She heads out and makes it to the grocery store parking lot and finds a space right up front. As she’s getting out of her car someone yells … Continue reading The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow – But why wait until tomorrow when you can have it today?