One of a Kind – Stop Comparing!

“Being a one of a kind means we are automatically the best in the world at what we do.” ― Victor WIlliamson  Just Be You Recognize what you have to offer in this world: your own talents and your own style add to the world and make it better. You don’t ever have to be like someone else or do what someone else does. When we focus on comparing ourselves to others and try to copy them we quiet our uniqueness and hinder the special contribution we could make. Just by being YOU, you’re automatically the best at being you. Gingerbread Last month we had big plans to make real fancy gingerbread houses. The kind that you have to make your own gingerbread and the superglue type frosting. I went to town pinning several ideas on Pinterest and my kids asked daily if today was the day. But the busier the month became the less motivated I was to make fancy gingerbread and we ended up just doing the graham cracker and cheap frosting route. Simple, easy, and best of all done. My kids still loved it, who wouldn’t sugar, candy, frosting, and more sugar. It was fun watching as they each put together very different structures. My oldest just wanted candy and could care less about making the house look a certain way. So she built four walls and inside of those walls had filled it to the BRIM with candy then added a covering and a roof to hide it from her mother…but mother’s know all… My oldest son made a house with just as much candy as my oldest was hiding but he didn’t bother trying to sneak anything. His walls were covered with so much sugar you didn’t even know that graham crackers were under there. … Continue reading One of a Kind – Stop Comparing!