Compliments, Criticism, and Contentment

Let’s face it. We all love compliments. Who doesn’t? It feels good when someone says something nice about you. You smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right? Then one person can come along and say ONE negative thing and all the rest goes out the window. Now you feel upset and bothered by that ONE thing. You want to know why they said that/did that. You want to turn around and say something to them to make them understand you. Because if they understood you then they’d agree that you really are a nice and awesome person and wouldn’t think bad things about you. This roller coaster is a dangerous place to be. So how can we get to a place of peace and contentment despite the ups and the downs of others behaviors? AWARENESS We have to understand what’s happening first. When someone compliments you it feels good. You then assume you feel good because they said something nice and that’s why you’re all warm and fuzzy inside. After all five minutes earlier you didn’t feel that way and now that they’ve said something you feel different. It must be because of what they said. This is kind of how your brain interprets these scenarios. With this thinking then we also think that we need MORE nice things said about us and to us for us to get that warm fuzzy feeling again. But them saying those things to you IS NOT the reason for the warm fuzzies. Them saying those things to you isn’t why you feel good. THOUGHTS CREATE HOW YOU FEEL You feel good because of a thought(s) in your mind. You think thoughts that agree with them, that give you permission to believe those things about you. You think thoughts that are nice … Continue reading Compliments, Criticism, and Contentment