If Only They Knew They Had Such Sweet Bodies

Last week I went to return something at Marshall’s and it was kind of a mad house. I waited a few days for the Christmas returns/people wanting Christmas clearance to do their thing and clear out before I went in. I’m not one for overly congested areas. So going a few days later I hoped to bypass that and I did. The store wasn’t crowded with shoppers but it was in disarray. They were shifting the store from Christmas to New Year’s and watching these employees move things around and take down items was kind of fascinating. It was it’s own little dance and organized chaos. But what was just at the front, the toys, doll houses, big games, ugly Christmas sweaters, CANDY, etc. was getting moved to the back, back, back of the store and huge racks of yoga pants, fitness balls, body shaping dvds, mats, rollers, and athletic shoes were now being pushed front and center. I feel like it’s this across the board shift that everyone does. From Christmas goodies to “my pants no longer fit” to New Year’s Goal of getting to X amount of lbs by December of 2018. How many out there made a New Year’s Goal to be a bit fitter, skinnier, or an actual number on the scale? My guess is a lot and it used to be a standard goal of mine too but it’s not anymore. It hasn’t been for a few years now and I’ll tell you why. For years and years and years I had an internal war with my body and I hated the scale. Even just the thought of it brought about ugly feelings. I had this ridiculous notion that I should look a certain way and it left me feeling defeated when I didn’t. So … Continue reading If Only They Knew They Had Such Sweet Bodies