I Refuse to reside in Scarcity 

Happy New Year, my friends! 2017 was AWESOME and I loved it! 2018 is going to ROCK and be even better than 2017 because that’s how it works, right? We keep growing and becoming and even if the circumstances are less than desirable at times – WE get to create any emotion we WANT and I want to think that life is amazing. I hope you all are having a fantastic day and that you got enough rest after staying up until midnight. Today, I want to share with you a little about my 2017 journey on abundance and my 2018 plans – to not dabble with scarcity! Hopefully it’ll get your wheels turning to look at your life and make some adjustments to be able to experience an AMAZING year! 2017 word: Abundance In 2017 I chose the word ABUNDANCE as my focus word. It was INCREDIBLE that amount of growth, joy, love, and happiness I experienced in 2017. When I started out I decided that my word wasn’t just going to be a word that I’d say to myself every now and then. No. I wanted it to become a part of me. I created homework for myself so I could fully experience the abundance in my life that I wasn’t aware of yet – or that I was blocking somehow. So I bought myself a beautiful notebook and would write 25 things EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of the abundance that God blessed me with…and because I was doing this for myself I wanted to do it right. I wouldn’t let myself do repeats, meaning: If one day I said I was grateful for my husband. The next day I couldn’t also say: I’m grateful for my husband…even though I was and I wrote about him daily. I would need … Continue reading I Refuse to reside in Scarcity