What Will You Create?

What Will You Create? I love to create. I’m a big paper crafter and I love sewing. I really like making these “mini books”. They’re so fun to make and I love looking back at them and admiring them. I’ve made several now and more than half of them are still without pictures (what it was initially intended for) but they’re so pretty by themselves that even without the pictures they’re still beautiful and a piece of art so I don’t mind them being only “half done”. It feels so good to complete a project and look at it and think, “This wasn’t here before. I MADE this.” And then I go find my husband so he can Oooo and Ahhh with me – which he usually doesn’t so I prompt him, “Honey, this is an ooooo moment.” Then he obliges and Ooooo’s with me. But I don’t need him to love it and I don’t really need his Oooo’s either even though it’s fun to get them because I love it and I can admire it and know that it’s awesome solely for the fact that I created something. When was the last time you created something? Anything. How did it feel? What motivated you to do that? Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul” I love this because we came to earth with this innate desire to create, to build, to grow and expand our capacity in the world, to contribute in a way that only we can. It’s part of our divine DNA to create. How amazing is it to look back at what you’ve made and know that it wasn’t there before? You made that! You brought something new into the world, something to contribute. … Continue reading What Will You Create?