The Zax – Learning to Let Go

When I was little we had this VHS tape (yes, pre-DVD days) that had several Dr. Seuss cartoons on it. One of them was The Zax. It wasn’t my favorite because it was slow and the main characters just stood there. It’s this really short story of these two creatures, the Zax. This species is very stubborn and prideful. One Zax is walking one way and another coming from an opposite direction. They end up intersecting and landing right in front of the other. Because they’re so set in the ways and so stubborn neither will let go of their beliefs that the other should budge. So they just stand there staring at each other. Waiting and waiting and waiting as the seasons pass, as cities and civilizations are built around them, as huge highways are built over them. That’s how it ends. Neither of them moving. You can see why as a kid this wasn’t my favorite. It was boring…however, it stuck. Now as an adult we see figural Zax’s all over the place. People so set in their views that they’d rather stand still in their spot adamant about their opinions and their thoughts than learning to let go and move forward. Family relationships, friendships, work relationships get stuck when two opposing ideas, thoughts, opinions intersect and neither side will budge or let go. I know a Zax right now. I’m sure you do too. Many, in fact! There was an argument too many years ago to even remember. They each have this belief that they’re right and that the other side is wrong. Neither side will budge. They each feel that the other one is to blame and as a result of waiting for the other person to do something they each stay STUCK, not moving as … Continue reading The Zax – Learning to Let Go