What if we just started over? Moving passed old grudges

It’s hard to move past grudges or the opinions we have of others. We try to avoid certain people. When we do see them we act differently around them. When we see them we tense up as our heads are filled with all the thoughts and memories of the past that brought you to this point. You feel uncomfortable and full of negative feelings. It’s easier to not be around them, to avoid them completely and then you don’t have to think and feel such things. But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if you could just start over. Would you want to?  If I could offer you some magical pill to swallow that would erase all the past annoyances, grudges, memories of this person so that when you see them you see them as just another average Joe, would you take it? Would it be worth it to you to not feel those negative feelings? To not have those negative thoughts? I think that magic pill could be a beautiful gift to so many but I don’t have anything of that nature to offer you today. I do however have a way that you CAN make it possible to see them in a different light, to move passed old grudges, to show up how you WANT to show up around them, and to FEEL however you want to feel in their presence. It takes some mental work but it IS POSSIBLE. Want it? Become Aware of your Thoughts The first hurdle to jump over is to become AWARE of your thoughts about them. When you see them what thoughts come into your head? How are you feeling when you’re around them? Why are you feeling that way? FEELINGS stem from our THOUGHTS so what are … Continue reading What if we just started over? Moving passed old grudges