Embrace The Chaos

I was listening to NPR’s podcast, Hidden Brain* last week and there’s this episode called, Embracing the chaos. It starts with this reference to the famous Jazz pianist that would host these improv concerts. He’d improv for an hour and a half and create this amazing music and people just loved him all the more for it. One evening when he goes to the concert hall in prep for the night’s performance he finds the piano horribly unplayable. By some mistake the correct piano wasn’t delivered. This one wasn’t tuned, half the keys didn’t work, and the upper register was so bright and tinny that you had to steer clear of that section altogether. It was a mess. He had a huge dilemma. He needed to decide what to do – he couldn’t possibly continue with the concert and let down thousands of adoring fans. Or continue with everything as planned but chance failing miserably by using this faulty instrument. He ends up getting talked into going ahead with the concert and has them record it to document what an utter failure this was and how critical it is to have a proper instrument for future concerts. What happened though was quite the opposite of anything anyone could have imagined. Once he started to play, honing in on the only sections he COULD use – the middle and lower registers – he made incredible music! The BEST concert he’s ever performed and the recording is his TOP SELLING record. He embraced the chaos in front of him relying on the preparation and skills he had and created a masterpiece. This applies to you and I as well in our daily lives. We all have a lot going on in our lives. I’m sure we all spend ample amount of time … Continue reading Embrace The Chaos