5 Ways to Eliminate Negative Self Talk

The way we talk to ourselves is critical to how we perceive the world around us. There’s a quote by Christine Arylo that says: “Be nice to yourself…it’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time.” Our happiness in life goes hand in hand with the thoughts that we allow to stay in our heads. Think back on your day, on your week – what was the general climate and mood of your inner self talk? Was it positive? Were you kind and forgiving to yourself? Were you harsh and mean? Were you judgmental and fighting back perfectionism tendencies? This week on my instagram page I saw a post from Revelatori (link below) that was so insightful. I had to ask if I could post this here  because this pertains to just about EVERYBODY. Try it out based on your day today or yesterday. How many of these things did you think? Did you get a bingo??? This used to be me…to a tee…Like, I’d win the blackout game (you know, the game where you have to cover all the squares in order to get a bingo). It was miserable and I struggled to be at peace internally while I was having all of these negative thoughts – and then I’d wonder WHY I WASN’T HAPPY all the time! I wanted to be happy. I had so much to be grateful for but I couldn’t break away from the negative self talk – and the ridiculous, unattainable standards I had created for myself. So my want to be grateful and happy just added to feelings of failure and piled on more guilt and more negativity. I was pretty good at hiding it too but deep down I felt a heavy weight that I just couldn’t … Continue reading 5 Ways to Eliminate Negative Self Talk