Temporary Pauses

I went to visit a friend last night. She has just lost someone she was very close to. It was unexpected and sad. She’s absolutely devastated and heartbroken. I had never met the person she was mourning but my own heart hurt just seeing my friend in pain. It’s hard to watch those we love suffer. It’s difficult for us to not know what to say or what to do to help alleviate someone’s grief and pain. I want to share with you just a few things that you CAN do to help someone during their time of sadness and grief: The first, just love them. Love them how they need to be loved. Some people need lots and lots of attention and time. Others need to be alone but want to know you’re close by if ever they needed a friend. Some want to just be held as they cry. Others don’t want any sympathy. What does this person need from you? Can you love them how they need to be loved? Second, know it’s supposed to hurt. Sometimes we’re too quick to offer consolation and comfort in attempts to try and make them feel better. We want them to be happy again. But what we need to realize is that it’s supposed to hurt. We’re not supposed to feel better…YET. We wouldn’t want to. Our bodies want to mourn them. It’s cleansing and healing. We’re too quick to try and cancel the emotion or try to get to happiness again but what we really need to do is let the grief come, feel it, let it stay as long as it needs to and then it will subside and you’ll feel the warmth of happiness again. But we just need to sit with the emotion and feel it. … Continue reading Temporary Pauses