Dealing with Disappointment

Christmas is only 6 days away and while it’s an exciting time (especially for kids) it’s also a high stress time for a lot of people too. There’s the worry that our kids might not like what we get them for Christmas – that we might disappoint them somehow. There’s the time spent with family members and maybe dealing with disappointment that they don’t act the way we think they should. There’s the disappointment that comes with not getting to see people you thought you would or hoped you would. There’s the disappointment that comes from not getting what you want – either out of the day (the day doesn’t go as you think it should), maybe you don’t get what you want from your spouse. There’s the disappointment that comes from not getting that visit that you thought you would or that phone call you expected. Maybe you end up disappointing yourself by not doing what you thought you wanted to do or feel how you wanted to feel. Whatever the reasons behind the disappointment you end up feeling unhappy and wishing things could be different than they are. But this year…I want to help you. I want teach you how to navigate the sensitivities of the season, to CHOOSE how you feel and not REACT to the circumstances that arise. Ready for it? Here we go:  First, you have to know that disappointment is a CHOICE you make. It’s not a byproduct of the day. You’re not disappointed because your husband didn’t remember to buy you a gift. You’re not disappointed because all your kids came to dinner except Susan. You’re not even disappointed that Susan chose to spend the day with her friend Sally and not you either. I know this is a tough pill to swallow. … Continue reading Dealing with Disappointment