To Show Us What Is Possible

Yesterday I saw a short clip of an elephant in front of a standing easel. The trainer next to him dipped a long paintbrush in wet paint and handed it back to the elephant. I watched as the elephant ever so slowly took the paintbrush in its trunk and painted precise strokes on the canvas. I didn’t know what the elephant was painting yet. I just knew whatever it was doing, it was doing very deliberately and purposefully. After a few minutes a shape took form and to my utter amazement this elephant was painting a picture of an elephant! and doing an incredible job at it! – like WAY better than I could do! (watch the clip down below) I leaned over to my husband just astounded and brimmed with questions and with doubt. Can that be real? How is that even possible? How would one go about teaching and training an elephant to be able to do that? Why would the elephant want to do that? HOW???? This started a conversation between us that left my head spinning with thoughts. My husband said, “I think Heavenly Father lets us see these amazing things from time to time to show us what is possible.”  We, as humans, place so many limitations on ourselves (and on others) that we are blinded to what really is possible. We doubt and create these barriers that those goals or ideas of what we once thought might have been doable seem impossible now and so we give up, we walk away, and we never know what might have happened. “The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.” – Robert Schuller Here’s another example of the impossible being made possible: Leslie Lemke: born with multiple problems, severe birth defects, and … Continue reading To Show Us What Is Possible