Emily Esfahani said that, “Belonging comes from being in relationships where you’re valued for who you are and where you value others as well. But some groups and relationships deliver a cheap form of belonging; you’re valued for what you believe, for who you hate, not for who you are. True belonging springs from love. It lives in moments among individuals, and it’s a choice — you can choose to cultivate belonging with others…Belonging is the most essential source of meaning.” Every human being has this need to feel like the belong. We need to have that connection in our lives but this is also tough because it puts us in a pretty vulnerable place. When we put ourselves out there hoping that they’ll value us for who we are – it’s vulnerable. This is where we get in trouble most of the time. We’re looking for others to give us the green light that, “Yes, you’re safe here. You belong here. You can be yourself here.” But the problem is, as we’ve talked about on numerous occasions, we can’t control what others do – ever. So this then becomes an issue for SO MANY PEOPLE. We need to feel that connection, yet, we feel powerless to do anything because we’re waiting on THEM to tell us we belong. But it doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have a wait another second to feel that connection and belonging. The key to belonging is going to stem from our thoughts. How do you know if you belong? BY WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. If I think that I belong with group A over there and I think loving thoughts about them because I love them and I feel that I can be myself around them – then I belong. I … Continue reading Belonging