You are the Author of Your Story

Are you a reader? I am. I LOVE reading. I love when the author sets up a really good character – one that you can just fall into their world and live simultaneously with them, guessing what they’d do in each circumstance. Did you know you’re an author too? I am too. So is everyone you meet. My clients tell me stories all the time. They don’t realize they’re doing it but they are. For example: Think about your day. Are you happy? Would you label it a good day? A bad day? WHY? Why is it good or not good? See, we interpret the world around us through the stories we tell ourselves. Then those┬ástories we tell directly effect on how we feel and how we show up in our lives. Just this morning I was reading an article about a 30 year old man that had spent the last 12-13 years living in what could have been land. When he was in high school he was amazing at football. So good in fact, that he received a full college scholarship for it. But tragically he was involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down before he even graduated high school. He lost his scholarship and the future he thought he’d have. Then he spent the next decade (and more) telling himself the story of what SHOULD have been. That this wasn’t fair. He should have been the star football player in college and gone on to the NFL. If only he hadn’t been in that car. If only he ___________ then he’d be happy. He was miserable and unhappy and spending the precious time he has now wallowing. How different would his life have been had he just told himself a different story? … Continue reading You are the Author of Your Story