Learning to Love You Always

Yesterday we had family pictures taken. It’d been a significant amount of YEARS since we’ve had the last ones so it was long overdue. I’m all over getting my kids pictures taken often. I take DAILY pictures of my kids. But family ones??? Not so much. My sweet husband would say, “We really need to schedule those” and I’d reply, “Yep, that’d be a good idea.” aaaaannnnd then, another year would go by. There’s a reason for this and I know I’m not alone in this so today this post is for all of you who find yourself shying away from the camera/mirror/reflection of themselves in any kind. I had this limiting belief that I’m not photogenic. I didn’t like having my picture taken, especially professional ones. I’d see so many beautiful people in these portrait settings and a part of me would long to have my own family pictures taken but then that voice in my head would remind me that having that meant that I’d need to be IN the picture and that I’d never look as good as the picture I was looking at. So I wouldn’t schedule an appointment. After our last baby was born (over 6 1/2 years ago) we did get family pictures taken. My kids were absolutely adorable in them; my husband, the cutest. Me? not so much. I’d look at the pictures and see every single flaw. I’d see a body that I wasn’t comfortable in, hair that was wild and unruly, a smile that I didn’t like, etc. But then I was introduced to Brooke Castillo and the work she does – the work I do now – because it transformed the way I see myself. I want to share a few insights today – in case you too might be … Continue reading Learning to Love You Always