Loneliness is a Feeling – Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about our thinking and loneliness. Go back and read that here: I don’t have any friends   Today, it’s about FEELING lonely. While the emotions we experience aren’t entirely our FAULT we are absolutely responsible with what we choose to do with them. Antonio R. Damasio*, a noted neurologist taught the differences between an emotion and a feeling. The emotion was something our body creates on a cellular level. The body reacts to stimuli and creates this emotion. It’s automatic to your body and unconscious. Science now tells us there are only 6 basic/core emotions*: Anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. This is why sometimes you just feel your heart racing, your muscles contracting – you’re generating fear. The body then sends signals to the brain to interpret these emotions – THEN they become feelings – what WE CHOOSE to interpret them as – what we CHOOSE to do with that emotion. It is possible to have fear as an emotion, have it register in the brain, and then YOU CHOOSE to act anyway. You can override your primitive emotions to create the FEELINGS you want. Sometimes that emotion will sit there, very persistently and that’s oaky. It’s your body just trying to protect itself from the unknown. BUT if you know you’re going to be okay. That you can feel fear and go forward anyway that emotion will dissipate and leave eventually. It’s only when that emotion sends those signals to your brain and you start adding to it creating a strong feeling that it could become a problem for you. When it’s Friday night and everyone has somewhere to go but you. Your body might start an emotion as sadness or fear – a subtle emotion – a chemical reaction in your body – that it’s … Continue reading Loneliness is a Feeling – Part 2