It’s Not About You

Any Dr. Strange fans out there??? This one’s for you! Not really, it’s for everyone – even if you haven’t seen the movie yet! When it first came out my husband said he wanted to go see if for our date night. I wasn’t overly too thrilled because it just didn’t sound appealing to me at the time but we all make sacrifices in our marriages, right? 🙂 So we decided to go but for whatever reason we had to go to the later showing and I tell ya, I’m not a night owl anymore! After we had our fourth kiddo – I want to be home and in bed by 9:00! When we left the theater that date night, I not only didn’t fall asleep during the movie (kudos to me) but surprisingly I left with SO many thoughts and concepts that are really good! I want to hook you up and share just one of those today. In the film The Ancient One tells Dr. Steven Strange: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU (several times actually). Go watch it and see for yourself. Such good news. We can totally apply this in our lives. And that advice is super EPIC. We tend to make almost EVERYTHING about us. Not on purpose, it’s what our brain does – how we perceive the world. Someone tells us what they’ve been up to – we automatically think, what have I been doing in my life? – making it about us. How often have we been in conversation with others and we immediately think something about us. How can we respond? How does this information connect to me? What doest this mean for me? Are they really meaning me? All the time, right? Examples: Someone shares an epic win they’ve just had – we think, … Continue reading It’s Not About You