How to STOP Worrying About What Other People Think

Have you ever stop to wonder WHY we care so much about what others think about us? Think about it for just a second. How many times this past week did you have a thought where you wondered what someone else would think of you? *We don’t do certain things because we’re worried that someone is going to think less of us. *We do things – even things that we really don’t have time for or just flat out don’t want to do because we’re worried that someone will think badly of us if we don’t. *We refrain from saying things because we don’t want to appear a certain way *We say things that we don’t really think because we don’t want to “hurt” other’s feelings (I’m not talking about being flat out rude – but just being able to be authentic even) Example: Person #1 is a fabulous sales woman – like amazing in her field. She tried to market her business via Facebook – with Facebook Ads until a family member made a negative comment about it. She stopped and hasn’t tried again since. I don’t want people to think ill of me so I’m just not going to try at all then no one can say anything. Person #2: had an Instagram account for her personal pictures to show to family and friends. Someone made a comment that they thought she was online too much – taken aback by this comment and bothered that this ONE person thought this about her she deleted her account. They must think I’m doing something bad for them to make this comment. I don’t want them thinking poorly of me, I’m going to delete it. Person #3: recently commented that they were afraid to ask for help because they didn’t want … Continue reading How to STOP Worrying About What Other People Think