Fitting In

This is a HUGE problem for a lot of people – myself included for a while. It’s a terrible feeling when don’t feel like you belong or you feel like you’re different. I want to address this topic today and help you to find some peace in this. If you read yesterdays article ( then you already know that our THOUGHTS are powerful and CREATE the atmosphere that we live in – including the most influential portion – inside us- how we feel, how we act, and what happens are a result of that. If you didn’t read it yet – go read it first so this will make more sense to you. Feeling like you don’t FIT IT – is just a thought, my friends. It doesn’t feel that way sometimes but I promise you…it is. What happens when you think that thought? I’m different. I don’t fit in. People don’t like me. Think about it for a minute – I’m going to come back to this. I had a friend from ages ago that was in a bit of a dark place. She and her husband had separated about a year prior and she was having a very difficult time finding her way again. She felt different and alone at ward activities. She felt like others didn’t really like her. She constantly commented that she felt so alone. One morning she called and complained that no one was helping her. No one was reaching out. She had so much on her plate and no one was serving her. I was kind of shocked to hear this because the previous evening we had a ward event and she was there with lots of people loving her, talking to her, asking her if they could help and bring dinner, take … Continue reading Fitting In