You Don’t Need A Different Goal – You Need a Better Vessel

FREEBIE AVAILABLE! (more info at the bottom of the page) You’ve all seen Disney’s Moana, right? My kids love that movie. My boys love Tamotoa and his debut song, “Shiney”…they especially love singing the line, “Maui! Now it’s time to kick your hiney. Ever seen someone so Shiny?” -Boys.. All my kids love to belt the line, “I AM MOANAAAAAAAA” – if you’ve seen it you know which part that is. And we’re ALL forever scarred because we can’t hear someone say, “You’re Welcome” without hearing Dwaine Johnson singing it (you just sang it in your head too, didn’t you?). Well, for that then, “What can I say except, You’re Welcome!” It’s a great movie and I went away from it with a few really great lessons. All of which pertain to our GOALS and DREAMS. I promise all my posts aren’t going to be about goals – but it is such a worthy topic and it is also December and if you’ve read my earlier posts you know that this is my big planning and implementing month and it totally should be yours too! (Start by having a great December) Hopefully you’ve got some big goals and aspirations. You can have ANYTHING YOU TRULY WANT – I believe that 100% but it’s going to take some creativity and elbow grease. We spoke before about things that get in the way of ourĀ goals: busyness, distractions, filling your time with so many GOOD things that there’s no time for the really GREAT things. Today I’m going to teach you to tackle the BIGGEST HURDLE – your thoughts. Say you’ve allowed yourself to dream. You’ve got a goal. You’re excited. You can visualize it happening. Then the thoughts: “You can’t do that”, “what are you thinking?”, “You’re too old”, “You’re not old … Continue reading You Don’t Need A Different Goal – You Need a Better Vessel