Movement does not equal Accomplishment

If you’ve been here the last few days you’ll have noticed a bit of a theme: goals, dreams, things we REALLY want. Today, I’m going to spotlight a HUGE barrier that gets in the way of fulfilling said goals…BUSYNESS. This is by far THE BIGGEST excuse/reason that people give up on their dreams or goals. “I’m just too busy”, “there just isn’t enough time”, “I have too much on my plate”, etc. Which…I want to point out ARE valid excuses-which is why our brain believes them and we set our goals aside in order to manage the load. But here’s the thing, You can have ANYTHING you want. ANYTHING. But do you really want it? Are you willing to work for it? Are you willing to plan for it? Are you willing to honor that commitment you made to yourself to make it happen? At the end of the year are you even going to remember all those things that were so crucial and had to get done? Or will you remember the sacrifice you made to accomplish something great? What’s the saying? “If it were easy EVERYONE would be doing it”? Yep, that applies here too. Our goals are supposed to be challenging. They’re supposed to demand some top level of priority in your life that you weren’t giving them before. There will absolutely be days you don’t feel like doing them- do it anyway. Honor that commitment to yourself. Make you a priority too. Remember, it’s supposed to be that way. It’s supposed to be challenging. It’s supposed to take time and effort otherwise there’d be NO GROWTH. But it’s during those moments of un motivation and lack that busyness kicks in and those excuses that we call reasons take center stage. Your brain is going to want to argue … Continue reading Movement does not equal Accomplishment