You Belong Here

Many years ago I had this experience that changed me. It started when I was filling in for the primary pianist and while I was playing the postlude music this darling sister came up and stood behind the upright piano and just smiled at me. This sister is one of those genuinely good people that when you see her your heart already is just mush. She told me she needed some help and kindly asked if I’d be willing to fill in the following Sunday to teach the lesson to the women in the ward. I’m still playing the piano and looking at both her and the music simultaneously while trying to comprehend what she had just requested. My thoughts went something like this: No! Are you kidding me? I’ve never taught ADULTS before. I do love teaching but I’ve only ever taught people under the age of 18! Adults are scary. Why would they listen to me? Totally out of my comfort zone! No, no, no, no, no, no. Then: “No problem, I’d love to”. She then offered me one of her famous smiles again and sauntered off. Whaaaaat just happened? Self, what did you just do? Is it too late to run after her and say I’ve had a change of heart??? No, that’d be weird. Okay…I can do this. Breathe….it’s going to be okay. Next week is Christmas Sunday so if ever I were to teach I’d choose this one for sure! What could go wrong teaching a lesson on the Savior? All week I fretted and worried and got to work. I read, reread, highlighted, dog-eared the lesson so I’d be prepared to teach. Then Sunday…   It was time…I was up. Mustering my limited confidence I held tight to my lesson book and walked up … Continue reading You Belong Here