Why Did We Stop Dreaming?

Yesterday was awesome – I was able to get in touch with friends that I haven’t talked to in a long time and loved that! But I noticed a trend with each conversation – something said – each one of them in a quick, nonchalant manner mentioned wanting to pursue something but then had dismissed it and labeled it as silly or ridiculous even or “in another life perhaps”. I didn’t notice it at first – but throughout the day there was just this theme or topic that kept popping up.This had me quite fascinated because…why?…why do we sometimes think it’s silly or ridiculous to imagine ourselves doing something other than what we’re currently doing? Why won’t we allow ourselves to dream? I love when on rare occasions I’m able to have a lucid dream – where you’re still dreaming but you’re aware that you’re dreaming. It’s fun because you can manipulate the outcome in the dream or just allow it to see where things would go. It’s important to allow ourselves the freedom to play out these thoughts when they arise. Someone yesterday said that they wished they would have taken up ballet. They’ve always loved to dance but never studied formally. When I asked why they didn’t pursue it the answer was that it was “too late” for them. All the prima ballerinas are young – what would be the point? Another friend said she dreamed about traveling and seeing more of the world but felt resigned when those thoughts came up because it’s too expensive and really, how could she ever come up with that money or time? Another friend said that she’d always wanted to try acting in theatrical productions. But it’s ridiculous – in another life maybe. Each person had a dream or a thought – … Continue reading Why Did We Stop Dreaming?