The Problem With Just

“Heavenly Father delights to have us (use) our own voice, not someone else’s. Believe in yourself, and believe in Him. Don’t demean your worth or denigrate your contribution. Above all, don’t abandon your role… Why? Because YOU ARE UNIQUE; YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE.” -Jeffery R. Holland Too often we LDS women undervalue ourselves. We undervalue our contribution to the world and wonder if what we’re doing even matters, or if we make a difference at all. We believe we are just average or even less sometimes. We think because we’re not all doing something huge and noticeable that somehow what we ARE doing is less important or insignificant than what others are doing. Think about how you respond when someone asks you, “So, (insert your name here), What do you do?” Common responses: Oh, nothing big. I’m just a Mom. I just volunteer at my kid’s school I just teach in primary I just work part-time I’m just a stay-at-home Mom etc…etc…etc… Now, I know what you’re going to say (as you roll your eyes),                                        “I know it’s not JUST a mom. That’s the best thing we could be BUT…” And heck yeah…that’s entirely what I’m going to say AND MORE. We need to STOP undervaluing ourselves and our purpose here. We are infinitely MORE than “just” what we do. Several months ago I had the opportunity to head up the music for a Tri-Stake youth conference. It was a huge event that lasted 3 days and took months and months of preparation. In the beginning I needed to establish a committee of people that would help me figure out all the music for the conference but the problem was, I didn’t … Continue reading The Problem With Just