Have you ever stopped to think about what hearing and asking questions does to you? Stop and think about it for a second. What happens when someone asks you a question? You want to answer it, right? You want to give them your thoughts and opinions on it – even if you’re not really interested in the topic so much, when someone asks you a question our human brains WANT to answer it. Questions are SO POWERFUL. I think we forget how incredible our brains are and how they just want to function solving problems, answering questions, and analyzing things. So we don’t ask ourselves questions. This is a huge mistake and one I made for too many years. When we don’t GIVE our brains something conscious to think about and work on our brains are naturally going to CREATE issues. It’s looking for something to do and if you don’t give it something to do, it will make up its own thing to do. I realize this may sound odd but I promise you it’s true. Think about it, ever worry about something for so long and then someone talks to you about it and you feel so much better and think, “Oh, that’s not so bad. Why was I stressing about that in the first place?” It’s because you didn’t give your brain something specific to work on so it created an issue – it created overwhelm, confusion, and worry because at the time those felt productive. It felt necessary and it kept you BUSY circling those same thoughts over and over again until you made that inquiry and became aware of the underlying issue. This is one of the biggest reasons awareness is key to highlighting the real issue. But how do we get to awareness in … Continue reading Questions