One life. Just one.

Haven’t you been fascinated by people in the world that seem to have accomplished SO much? I always have been. A lot of people are, which is why we categorize them as, “Inspirational people”. I would wonder HOW they could do such remarkable things. I used to think that maybe THEY were just born differently – with super human genes or something. I’m still in awe of them but I no longer believe THEY were born with something I didn’t possess or couldn’t create. I believe that they are really good at managing their thoughts. See, when we realize that it’s our THOUGHTS that generate our feelings and those feelings are what fuel our ACTIONS and because of those actions we see RESULTS – It’s brilliant. I THOUGHT I wasn’t like those amazing people and because I thought that way I did nothing to go out and pursue greatness. My THOUGHTS kept me small and progressing at a very slow pace. I have big plans, my friends. I realize that if I want a certain RESULT then I need to start by cleaning up my thinking. I need to clear it of all LIMITING BELIEFS – those thoughts that are up there saying, “you could never do that”, “What if you fail?”, “What if you’re not good enough?”, “What will people think?” – And I love that I thought that way for a while because my brain was just trying to protect me from embarrassment, failure, or getting into something I’d regret. But I’m not there anymore. I WANT to go out and do BIG THINGS. I WANT to FAIL – (occasionally) – because if I’m failing that also means I’m out there doing SOMETHING. I’m trying, I’m learning, and I’m getting closer and closer to my big goals each … Continue reading One life. Just one.