World Kindness Day 2017

I love this holiday. Did you even know such a day existed? How cool would it be if this were as widely known and practiced as other holidays??? We just celebrated Halloween and had a blast. So let’s use that as an example. We love Halloween over here – I’m not down with the scary, gory, skeletons, and bloody anythings. I love cute halloween – pumpkin anything, smiling ghosts, and did I mention pumpkins? We think about Halloween all October. We decorate for it, we plan out and sometimes even create our own Halloween costumes. We went to a Halloween party. There’s a community trunk or treat event. Then there’s the actual date…and Trick or Treating all the way! It’s so fun. What if we treated WORLD KINDNESS DAY like Halloween??? How would you plan for it? How would you prepare for it? What kinds of things would you do? Where would you go? Who would you visit and talk to? What could you give to others? What would you love about it and remember from it? Isn’t it kind of a cool visual to think about going door to door like trick or treating but instead of giving out candy what if you gave out compliments or tokens of love? When we share our love and kindness with others there is no end to how far that gesture really goes. We never know what’s going on in the lives of others. Maybe they’re hanging on by a thread and your smile and  hug or text or phone call or whatever it is is just enough for them to want to hang on for one more moment or one more day. A couple of years ago I was feeling exceptionally down. I was at this event that lasted a couple of days and I … Continue reading World Kindness Day 2017