Not Needing The Spotlight

Why do some people always seem to demand the “spotlight”? Or that some need all the attention of the group? Some might see them as “show offs” – others might think they’re just overly confident but I have to wonder if it’s really a different story altogether. Several years ago a new family moved into our neighborhood. They had kids the same ages as mine and seemed nice. We wanted to say hello and get to know them a little better so we set up a play date at the local park. I remember thinking what an absolutely gorgeous day it was when I sat down on the park bench waiting for them to arrive. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue and those puffy, oh-so-amazing cumulus clouds were scattered across the sky. I just sat there breathing in the beauty that surrounded me and feeling so refreshed. Their family arrived and we set the kids loose to be free in the park while we could chat and get to know each other. Then this odd…interesting thing happened. The mom talked non-stop for THREE HOURS about herself. Seriously, no joking or exaggerating. We’ve all been around people that are talkers, right? This was an extreme case. So, I thought, “She’s new. She’s excited to share her story with me so I can know and understand her better.” To “see” her, I think? I left that afternoon feeling tired and somewhat drained – polar opposite of what I had felt when I first arrived at the park…not going to blame this person for any of that – three hours at the park would drain anyone too…but it added, I think. Our kids had fun and loved each other though so I didn’t over think it too much – really I … Continue reading Not Needing The Spotlight