Unconditional Love

For a really long time I didn’t realize this. It’s not that I didn’t believe it – I couldn’t believe it -I hadn’t learned that concept yet. Which might sound silly but really, I didn’t. I didn’t know that I’m responsible for my own feelings and that I could keep my positive feelings REGARDLESS of how it’s received. I always just thought that feelings come and go. I felt helpless when I was sad or I felt guilty that I felt upset – when I say guilty, my thoughts were generally something like this, “What do you have to be upset about?! Heavenly Father has blessed you so much!” “You live in America with clean water!” and the list would go on and on (as if those things really are connected with what I was upset about) – But every time I’d just feel guilty that I was having “ungrateful” thoughts or feelings. Like, because I have clean drinking water I therefore shouldn’t be upset that my friend let me down. What?! -more on that in a later post. Then, a few years ago I stumbled upon Life Coaching with Jody Moore and Brooke Castillo and these remarkable ladies CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. They taught me that it’s my THOUGHTS that create my FEELINGS. Whaaaaat?! No way. When someone says something offensive to me and I in turn get offended – I’M not offending myself – THEY are. It’s THEIR fault I’m upset. They’re wrong. They shouldn’t do that….right? My mind wanted to argue with this concept because WHY would I do that or create those feelings for myself? They feel terrible! I wouldn’t do that! But the more I sat with that concept the more I realized that yes…I AM THE CAUSE OF ALL MY EMOTIONS. Why is it … Continue reading Unconditional Love